How "hard distribution" advantage became soft. What to do inside modern media's relentless zero-sum game.
Buzzfeed looks to change the narrative by going hard on AI. Media valuations confound the best robot minds. A time for paranoia. Decisions, decisions…
The AI era begins. Will we navigate the change better? Plus...advertising never ends, it just gets worse.
The year where harsh economic realities meet robot dreams.
Your favorite social network has yuletide surprises in store.
An industry that has wrestled with endless change is about to face the biggest yet.
Finding your path with perpetual forward movement
The end of one era and beginning of the next.
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The Rebooting
The Rebooting
Brian Morrissey
Slow Boring
Slow Boring
Matthew Yglesias
Jon Stokes
The Merchant
Haris Memon (The Merchant)

People vs Algorithms